Sewer Lines: 100%
Water Lines: 100%
Storm Drainage: 30%
Concrete Streets: 75%
Detention Pond D1: 95%
Detention Pond D2: 30%
Detention Pond D4: 90%
Secondary Examination Station: 80%

Las Americas Industrial Park Video

Las Americas Industrial Park

Discover Las Americas Industrial Park in Roma, Texas Invest in the state-of-the-art Las Americas Industrial Park in Roma, Texas, and take advantage of our revolutionary Unified Cargo Processing program. Experience seamless cargo processing as Mexican and American authorities work together at our Port of Entry, ensuring swift and efficient operations. Additionally, our newly built Secondary Examination Station, equipped with cold storages, guarantees uninterrupted cold chain logistics, making us a top choice for agricultural produce transportation. Join us at Las Americas Industrial Park and elevate your business with unmatched efficiency and convenience. Invest today!

Initiated by the City of Roma’s Economic Development Corporation, the project encompasses a 320-acre development aimed at bolstering the region's cargo handling capacity.

The project is unfolding in phased segments, supported by federal grants including an initial investment of $1.5 million from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) for infrastructure. Additional funding includes a $1 million contribution earmarked by Congressman Henry Cuellar for subsequent phases.

The Secondary examination Station

We will facilitate trade for importers, particularly those dealing with produce, by establishing a unified inspection experience at the Secondary Examination Station. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CBP to transfer part of their operations to the station, ensuring unified cargo processing for all imports at a cold storage facility. This will minimize produce handling and reduce inspection times with CBP, CBP agriculture, and USDA inspectors present at the Secondary Examination Station's cold storage facility.

Initiated in June 2023, the project has reached significant milestones, such as substantial completion of sewer and water infrastructure, with the first phase expected to conclude by May 2024. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Secondary Examination Station is projected to be operational by June 2024.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding with CBP, the project introduces a consolidated inspection process that integrates services from CBP, USDA, TCIP, and FDA, enhancing throughput and reducing operational costs.

Shorter Travel Times

Roma's port of entry, located in close proximity to the Monterrey metropolitan area, is not only the nearest but also the most efficient and easily accessible port via highway 54. This highway serves as a crucial link connecting the industrial areas near Monterrey to the Ribereña highway (Federal Highway #2), which leads directly to Roma's port of entry.

The Secondary Examination Station will include dedicated docks for dry and cold storage, overflow truck parking, and a comprehensive inspection area catering to USDA, FDA, and ANAM requirements, equipped with modern amenities to support logistics operations.

Significant infrastructure upgrades, including a $5 million restoration of the suspension bridge to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and improvements to State Loop 195, are designed to streamline traffic to and from the park.

For further inquiries and details about engagement opportunities, stakeholders can reach out to the City of Roma's City Manager, and Assistant City Manager, whose contact information is readily available for potential investors and interested parties.

Alejandro Barrera
(956) 286-7892

Alfonso Ramirez Jr.
(956) 208-0280

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