City Council Proclamations


Proclamations (a one-page document) are issued at no charge to citizens by the Office of the Mayor and prepared by the City Secretary . The purpose of a proclamation is to recognize a person, organization, business, or specific day, week, month, or event deemed to be of interest or benefit to increase public awareness to the majority of the citizens of the City of Roma. There are three types of City of Missouri proclamations that can be prepared by the City Secretary :

  • Acknowledgment and/or honor proclamation - An acknowledgment proclamation recognizes and celebrates an extraordinary achievement that is prepared and usually mailed at the request of a parent, troop leader, or other similar entity (i.e., Boy Scout eagle and/or Girl Scout gold).

  • Business proclamation - A business proclamation is presented by the city in conjunction with the Roma Chamber of Commerce grand opening and/or ribbon cutting event. Personal endorsements for individuals or businesses are not considered for proclamations.

  • Mayoral / City Council proclamation - A mayoral / council proclamation is issued to charitable and non-profit organizations to increase public awareness of their causes and/or promote fund-raising activities, support major sporting, cultural, and entertainment programs of significance to the city, and city initiatives that are requested by a local individual, group, or organization. Proclamations that involve commercial enterprises (other than the business proclamation) and/or political parties do not qualify. A mayoral and/or City Council proclamation is usually prepared and read at a regularly scheduled, televised City Council meeting and is presented to a representative in attendance.

  • Letters from the Mayor or City Council - The City of Missouri City issues letters of appreciation or congratulations that can be given by the Mayor or by a City Councilmember. Letters are not eligible for presentation at a City Council meeting.

Proclamations are NOT issued for:

  • Deceased Persons

  • Retirements

  • Individual birthdays less than 100 years

  • Wedding/church anniversaries

  • Family/class reunions

  • Groundbreakings

  • Personal political or business endorsement of an individual or for profit business.

Proclamation Procedures

Requestors should submit a formal request o the city secretary’s office at least 10 working days in advance of when it is needed.
Typically, only one proclamation is issued for each event, and duplicate originals are not provided. Requests should provide the following information:

  • A clear and concise description of the event or issue - enough information to make four points and/or draft language and background of the person, organization, or event being proclaimed

  • The date of the proclamation and the date to be presented

  • The name, telephone number, and email address (where applicable) of the contact person making the request, as well as the name and address of the person to receive the signed proclamation

  • The specific title of what will be proclaimed and why the event / issue is of importance to the city as a whole

Note: Any proclamation to be presented to a city board, commission, department, or employee must be approved in advance.

Presentation of Proclamation

The mayor is frequently invited to present a proclamation at an event and, if unavailable, may request another councilmember to make the presentation. When no councilmembers are available to present a proclamation, the proclamation may be picked up by the person or organization requesting it. Presentations by the mayor during a City Council meeting are to be placed on the agenda at the mayor’s discretion.

Archive of Proclamations

2019-3 Proclamation
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2019-2 Proclamation
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Proclamation 2019-06
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